Todlers wearing slippers.

Inside The World Of Toddler Slippers

Preschool footwear fashion can be a cut-throat scene, with unique niche styles having developed between the infant pre-Madonna’s.

Okay, this may be a slight hyperbole, as there isn’t exactly many Ralph Lauren’s made for toddlers, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a stunning bulk of variety, especially in the toddler slippers department. Nowhere is a melody of form and function more evident than in footwear, and, when it comes to children’s footwear, nowhere is it more important.

Cute slippers

Slippers serve to heat the feet, which is crucial for the health and development of children, especially in cold environments.

Slippers also provide a thin protective layer - a launch pad from which to explore the world with safely.

Also, slippers are really, really, cute.

Thankfully, there is a multitude of colors and styles to suit the conscientious parent (and child). Below are a few examples.


Toddler moccasin slippers are a fine example of this. Not only are they in vogue in preschool fashion, but they are a practical solution to an array of parental hiccups, namely, getting them into the things!

Moccasins are indoor slippers which kids can easily be fitted onto wriggling toes. They have a myriad of exciting designs and colors, from cow skin patterns to bright pink, affording your hyperactive little person a brief distraction, and you a quick respite.

They also generally have non-slip soles, which help early walkers who are prone to falling over. Their soft internal design provides comfort and more flexibility than a shoe. The best thing? They’re machine washable.

Moc Slippers

Coming in a variety from of sizes, Moc slippers are ideal for toddlers. They have a large number of colors and designs suitable for all genders.

These slippers are made from a fleece material, with different brands have slightly different textures, although the general feel will be blanket-y or furry.

The interior is memory foam, with a moisture resistant wick lining ideal for being out and about as it guaranteed to keep their feet warm and dry.

Little girl in moc slippers

Like the moccasins, Moc slippers have non-skid bottoms making them ideal as an outside winter wear slipper. Some parents however have commented that the sizing isn’t exact, so it might be prudent to order a size up.

Genuine Sheepskin Toddler Slippers

Genuine sheepskin toddler slippers are designed to emulate winter boots. They are ideal for running around inside and for playing outside too, although we wouldn’t recommend jumping in any puddles with them.

As the name suggests, these slippers are made of genuine sheepskin. Sheepskin keeps the feet warm during winter thanks to the breathing properties of the wool’s hollow fibers. Sheepskin is also extremely soft, providing a cushion of air to act as an insulator.

Like the other slippers, the sheepskin has anti-slip soles to safeguard kids’ activity.

Where To Buy Slippers?

Now you’ve had a taste of what is on offer, it’s time go shopping around. Amazon has a big variety of slippers on offer such as Cool Beans Sheepskin Children's Slippers, which would have to be our personal favorite. Go find your favorite today!

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