Qwaruba Women’s Slippers Review

The Qwaruba Women’s Cabin Slippers will become your best friends when it comes to keeping your feet warm in winter.

Made from 100% Australian merino sheepskin, these lovely genuine sheepskin slippers utilize the comfy-ness and warmth of sheepskin and combine it with memory foam to provide the best experience for your cold and worn out feet.

What We Like About Qwaruba Women’s Cabin Slipper

Here are the top three things that we like about this sheepskin slippers.

Warm and snug yet breathable

A staggering number of reviews claim that Qwaruba’s sheepskin slipper provide consistent warmth throughout the day. They are very snug, helping to trap all the coveted warmth within the sheepskin slipper. So, if you are someone who likes to wear socks with your sheepskin slippers, you may need to go one size up.

Qwaruba quality sheepskin slippers

Despite the amount of heat these sheepskin slippers are able to retain, reviewers say they are still very breathable, thanks to the nature of sheepskin. No more disgusting, sweaty feet in sheepskin slippers, thank goodness for that. 

Ankles feeling a little nippy? Turn up the collar of the slippers and you’ll have a nice sheepskin ankle warmer.


The sole of the Qwaruba sheepskin slipper is very lightweight and flexible, and reviewers love how this stops the slipper from feeling like you are wearing a shoe. The memory foam adds an extra layer of cushioning for your feet, giving you that bounce in your step that always seems to be missing in winter.

What we don’t like about Qwaruba women’s cabin slipper

Thin sole

The sole of this sheepskin slipper is durable enough to provide it with a longer lifespan that most slippers. Reviewers lament that the sole is too soft and flexible and does not provide enough support for extended walking outside the house. Soft sole shoes can also be fairly hazardous for anyone with balance problems or loss of sensation in the feet.

Thin sole of slipper

So although these sheepskin slippers can be worn outside, it is best to do so for only short periods of time, such as grabbing the mail, rather than for running errands.

Buying Advice

At just under $60, the Qwaruba women’s cabin slipper is a decent buy for a durable pair of sheepskin slippers. If you are looking for a pair of sheepskin slippers that can be used both inside and outside, then this is probably not the right pair for you though.

But for those of you content with just using your slippers indoors, this might be the pair for you. So, go on, and hit Amazon to see if you can find a good deal on them.


For a simple pair of durable and high quality sheepskin slippers for inside use, the Qwaruba Women’s Cabin Slippers are sure to provide all the support, warmth and comfort you could possible desire.

Finally, there will be no more complaints about how cold your feet are! Get a pair to slip into today and start enjoying the coziness of winter indoors.

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