Add A Personal Touch With Personalized Slippers

Add A Personal Touch With Personalized Slippers

Fashion is all about making a statement. It reflects one's true self, a gateway to an authentic glimpse at our inner selves.

We all want to wear things that match who we are. Every bit of individuality we can scrape back so that we are not just ‘one of the crowd’ is a win. Personalized slippers are an opportunity for you to feel like an individual, every day.

Okay, pep talk over. We all like color and variety in most elements of our everyday life, and what better way to get that than by customizing your very own pair of slippers?

Young Girls Personalized Slippers

The potential for customization is endless. Many retailers will let you mix up the colors, sole types, materials and leg lengths of your slippers.

Price Range Of Personalized Slippers

Personalizing your slippers comes at various prices, although most options are between $20.00USD and $120.00USD a pair. Some niche offerings, such as unique designs or art, can become fairly costly, but they are wonderful! (And we can dream, right?)

Many people will opt for higher quality personalized slippers because if you’re going through the trouble of getting a special type with your initials (or something similar) on it, why not get it to last?

Benefits Of Personalized Slippers

Personalized slippers let you add an individual touch to your winter feet warmers. Whether they are for an event, or a specific celebration, they are a unique way to add a personal flair to your outfit.

Bride Personalized Slippers

Personalized slippers have the further benefit of coming in a range of warmth types. There are personalized sheepskin slippers, which retain all the benefits of sheepskin, such as warmth and durability, or personalized cotton slippers which are more breathable.

Great Ideas For Personalized Slippers

To get your creative juices and ideas flowing we have compiled a list of possible options for personalized slippers.

Options include:

  • Wedding Slippers - Personalized wedding slippers add that extra touch for the spa treatment on the hen’s night, or an informal additional on the special day. With curvy gold writing on a white slipper, you can have ‘Bride’, ‘Bridesmaid’, ‘Maid of Honor’ or anything else to memorialize your special day.
  • Photo Printed Slippers - Get anything and everything printed onto your slippers. Maybe it’s a special memory, funny family photos, or a unique design of your own making, get it printed onto a pair of slippers and really stand out.
  • Baby Shoes - A great gift idea, or for your own little one, get an adorable pair of slippers for your tot complete with their very own name, or nickname, inscribed on the top or underside.
  • Christmas Slippers - Get into the Christmas spirit with a unique pair of Christmas slippers. Get a quirky Christmas phase printed on the top and impress all your fellow slipper enthusiasts.
  • Initials - Get your initials printed on pair of personalized monogrammed wrap over slippers, perfect for taking away with you overseas.
  • Moustache Slippers - Need something for that special man in your life? Get him a pair of personalized moustache slipper complete with his name on them.
  • Photos and Writing on a white slipper - If you are a hotel or spa owner and looking to add a personal touch to your business, consider personalized slippers with a photo of your establishment and/or your business name on them. Personal, professional and extra advertising!

Disadvantages Of Personalized Slippers

Let's be honest, you get to design your very own customizable pair of slippers. They come in whatever color you want. The possibilities are endless. They are good for gift ideas, personal touches, festive seasons - even weddings!

The only disadvantage is that you didn’t discover them sooner, and that you can’t take them to the beach.

Wearing Personalized Slippers On Beach

Of course, there may be a disadvantage in terms of durability if you opt for a cheaper option, and as such, we encourage you to splurge a little to make sure your special personalized slippers stand the test of time.

Where Can You Buy Personalized Slippers

After you’ve thoroughly exhausted Pinterest and Instagram for ideas on what to put on your personalized slippers, it’s time to hit the shops. And by shops we mean Amazon retailers.

The listings on Amazon are incredibly well priced and we venture that you won’t find better value for money anywhere else. Happy shopping!

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