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The Mystery Behind Sheepskin Slippers

In the small country of New Zealand there are more than 30 million sheep, almost 6 times as many sheep as there are people! And it’s the production of sheepskin slippers that helps to drive this immense market. So, what is it that makes sheepskin slippers special?

Sheepskin slippers are a top of the line slipper product. Genuine sheepskin has an array of intrinsic benefits which afford maximum comfort and utility. However, there are some more economical models out there that are made from synthetic sheepskin.

The suede of the external skin of a sheepskin slipper allows it to be worn inside and outside, making it a fantastic multipurpose winter shoe.

Sheepskin slippers can vary in appearance. The form of these slipper can change significantly between those geared towards men and kids, those which are unisex, and those designed specifically for women.

Sheepskin Slippers Can Come In A Variety Of Styles

  • Sheepskin Moccasins
  • Sheepskin Loafers
  • Sheepskin Velcro Slippers
  • Sheepskin Clogs
  • ​Sheepskin Toastie Slippers
  • Sheepskin ‘Albert’ Slippers
  • And More!
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Advantages Of Sheepskin

Shearling sheepskin is ideal for every season and occasion (well perhaps give them a miss at weddings). Sheepskin is a natural insulator, keeping your cozy during wintertime and cooling your feet during summer.

This ability is thanks to the wool’s hollow fibers, which breath easily. Sheepskin maximizes comfort as it is undeniably soft, and this softness creates a comfortable blanket of air that acts as a temperature insulator.


  • Sheepskin is capable of absorbing sweat immediately, and it is poised to depose this sweat into the air seven times faster than synthetic alternatives.
  • Sheepskin against the body activates the blood circulation and the immune system. This has the advantage of enhancing the relaxation and regeneration of the body.
  • Sheepskin is affable to the touch, helping to avoid rashes. This is because it contains lanolin, a basic substance similar to that found in human skin.
  • Sheepskin helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin.

Sheepskin is naturally dirt and bacteria resistant. It has been a renown for these qualities since the middle ages, with modern science having since deduced that the lanolin in natural sheepskin provides it with a self cleaning quality when the sheepskin is hung in fresh air.

Sheepskin does not give off any electrical charge. While synthetic materials are often 100% insulator of electrical energy, all natural sheepskin is a partial insulator. This affords you undisturbed release of static electricity created by the natural friction of your body and the environment.

Disadvantages Of Sheepskin

Unfortunately, sheepskin does have a few setbacks. The major one? Cost. Luxury always comes at a price, and sheepskin is no different. The production process is lengthy, which heightens the cost.

The other major problem is wash-ability. Sheepskin is not generally meant to be machine washed, meaning they will need to be spot-treated, often with special sheepskin soap. Major stains may require dry cleaning.

Sheepskin Slippers For Men

The advantages of sheepskin are clearly notable in sheepskin slippers made for men. Gone are the days when slippers were thought to only be the property of grandparents, sheepskin slippers are a modern option for every generation looking to wear their comfort.

These slippers come in a variety of generally earthly colors. These range from chestnut brown, to a dark oak and even lighter, pseudo-creams. 

Typically, they have a join down the middle of the slippers, which runs to the sole. The sole is often designed as anti-slip with treads in them to ensure versatility of use.

They are often fastened simply by slip on, as the name suggests, but some varieties are fitted with Velcro, and others with zips. These are generally on the slipper options which extend pass ankle height.

The internal fleece lining is extremely soft to the touch. Its comfort enhancing properties allow for a soothing experience whenever worn, making these the perfect winter footwear option. 

Often, the fleece lining can extend past the slipper to create a ‘frilly’ aesthetic which also serves to mitigate any agitation from a rough join at the edge.

Sheepskin slipper for men.

Sheepskin Slippers For Women

The benefits of sheepskin are clearly notable in sheepskin slippers designed for women. The specially designed slippers are virtually indistinguishable from boots, having been created as a sleek, comfort enhancing winter wear slipper.

These slippers come in a variety of often earthly colors. These range from chestnut brown, to a dark oak and even lighter, pseudo-creams. The women’s slippers are often shinier than the male alternative, with different colors used at joins to enhance the look.

These sheepskin slippers also are more likely to have designs at the hem, such as koru patterns. They are often fastened simply by slip on, with some fitted with Velcro, and others with zips.

Baby pink women's slippers.

They also have button fix options, generally at heel height.

The internal fleece lining is always soft on the skin. Its natural breathability and lanolin induced comforting benefits have created a luxurious cold weather option suited for inside and outside use.

Often, the fleece lining can extend past the slipper to create a ‘frilly’ aesthetic along the hem. This is often the crux of the female geared sheepskin slippers.

The folded down, thinner fleece linings the hem is an example of this. Some sheepskin slippers for women designed to be used inside even have the entire external slipper lining overlaid with fleece.

Sheepskin Slippers For Kids

Genuine sheepskin toddler slippers are made to replicate winter boots. They are perfect for running around inside and for playing outdoors too. However, they aren’t the most durable when exposed to continual wet weather, so we wouldn’t recommend jumping in any puddles with them.

As we’ve mentioned previously, these slippers are generally made of genuine sheepskin (or a synthetic version with similar qualities). This keeps the feet warm during winter thanks to the breathing properties of the wool’s hollow fibers. Sheepskin is also comfortably soft, providing a cushion of air to act as an insulator.

It also has anti-slip soles to safeguard kids’ activity.

Where To Buy Sheepskin Slippers?

Now that you have a basic idea of what sheepskin slippers could offer you, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some. Amazon has a huge variety of the above slippers at affordable prices, as do other specialized sheepskin footwear retailers.

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