Memory Foam Slippers: Restoring Faith In Your Sole

Memory Foam Slippers: Restoring Faith In Your Sole

You may have found that you are often in internal conflict. We are talking soul destroying conflict. Apologies, we mean sole destroying conflict. Too often the focus is on the outside, not inside.

No, we are not talking about the generally recognized shallow media depictions plaguing society, but the design ethos of slippers. Restore faith in your soles, and consider memory foam slippers when you go to replace the old, worn target-bought pair of slippers you own.

Wearing Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam was originally designed by NASA for use in a space program. Although it was never utilized, it has quickly spawned a cult following within the medical and slipper community.

What Is Memory Foam

Memory foam is made from polyurethane with some extra chemicals added with change the density of the foam. These chemicals allow memory to adapt to different temperatures.

When cold, memory foam is very firm, whereas when it heats up, say, from body heat, it becomes pliable. This unique property gives memory foam its name, as it melds instantly to any shape.

Medical professionals immediately recognized the potential uses, as it could act as a preventative measure for the incapacitated, such as being added to a patient’s mattress to reduce the pressure to sores.

Pair Of Memory Foam Insoles

Memory foam is relatively new, having since been introduced to pillows, mattresses and other comfort critical items. Its comfort enhancing cushion like properties have made it wonder product.

It is also refreshing to see designers placing a higher emphasis on function, manipulating the form around function, instead of the inverse which is often the case,

Memory foam slippers have specific offerings for both men and women. The design differences extend beyond the external aesthetic, to provide health benefits geared towards each gender.

Memory foam slipper are available in all sizes. They also have a wide range of color options available. It is possible to customize the look of the external lining to suit your preference.

Putting Feet On Memory Foam Insole

Memory foam slippers designed for women also have various external detail attached to them also, such as bows.

Memory foam soles also often form part of the design of other slippers.

The further benefits of memory foam are intrinsic to memory foam slippers, making them a distinguished option for the slipper connoisseur.

Advantages Of Memory Foam Slippers

Memory foam slippers have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Restorative Properties - While many economical house slippers keep one’s feet warm, they offer little in the way of support. Memory foam slippers conform immediately to your foot shape, providing structural support to your foot.
  • Relaxing Warmth - Even for those with healthy feet, memory foam naturally relaxes your feet and warms them after a long day.
  • Purpose Built Doot Ailment Support - Memory foam slippers squeeze sensitive areas of the foot without causing pain, helping those with bunions, hammertoes or other foot abnormalities.
  • High Density - Memory foam’s high density provides support for the sole and arch of the foot. The foam responds to body heat, providing relief and preventing rubs and pressure.
  • Heat Retention - Memory foam slippers are renowned for their capacity to retain heat. You are able to wear your slippers sock free, or not, and foam will naturally retain the heat. However, it won’t retain the sweat, so your feet will not be damp.
  • Custom Designed - Memory foam slipper for men and memory foams slippers for women are uniquely designed based on the ideal sizes of each gender. Those made for men are often larger and thicker compared to the women’s slipper.

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Slippers

Unfortunately, memory foam does have a few setbacks. The major one? Cost. Luxury always comes at a price, and memory foam is no exception. The production process requires specialized equipment and expertise, which heightens the cost.

The other major problem is that when new memory foam can make an odd chemical smell - a process called off gassing. If this happens it generally passes within a few days.

Memory Foam White Slippers

Another disadvantage is that memory foam is not generally meant to be used in children’s slippers, as it can disrupt development. If you think your child could need a pair, consult a doctor first.

Memory foam slippers also relatively new, so any long term negative benefits have not yet been studied.

Wondering Where You Can Buy Memory Foam Slippers

If you’re after a pair of these super comfortable slippers, then we recommend going for a hunt on Amazon. You’ll find a huge range in both men’s, women’s and children’s designs.

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