Want To Stay Hip? Look At These Cool Slippers

Want To Stay Hip? Look At These Cool Slippers

We all want to be unique and recognized as individuals. Getting yourself a pair of cool slippers is an opportunity for you to express your individuality.

We all appreciate color and variety in most elements of our everyday life, and what better way to get that than through a pair of cool slippers worn every day during winter?

Cool slippers come at various prices, although most are between $20.00USD and $120.00USD a pair. Some options, such as unique designs, are more costly than generic options, but can be worth the extra investment for their quality.

Wearing Cleaning Slippers

As for comfort, as most cool slippers are designed around their look, comfort is not their foremost priority. This being said, they are still designed to be comfortable to wear, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about losing out.

Advantages of cool slippers are pretty self-explanatory; they help you stand out. And as any kid will tell you, being cool is a whole lot of fun.

There is a range of cool slippers out there for men, women and kids. Below are a few of our top picks for all genders and ages.

The Knitted Tank Slipper

As any young boy will tell, tanks are cool. Knitted tank slippers are often designed after the Tiger 1 Panzer Tank. In most designs the tank’s tread extends down to the soles of the shoes, with a knitted cannon at the front. Although you can do the knitting yourself, it’s a lot faster and more convenient to just get the slippers from Amazon.

Panzer Tank Slippers

The Cleaning Slippers

While cleaning may not be ‘cool’, you might think it’s cool to finally get your child/man-child cleaning with their slippers. With genuine mopping material, which attract dust, cleaning slippers will clean simply by being walked about in. Score!

The Grass Slippers

No, we did not misspell glass, this is not Cinderella, it isn’t THAT cool. These slippers are made to look like you are walking on grass for those wanting to get all natural without get au naturel. They are also made for you to go outside in, perfect for a summer or winter day.

Darth Vader Slippers

Gone are the days when being a nerd was a criminal offence. Nerd is the new cool, Star Wars is the new football field, and there is nothing cooler than a pair of sleek Darth Vader slippers.

Pair Of Darth Vader Slippers

However, if you have not yet succumbed to the dark side, and still seek the light, don’t fear, there is a pair of Yoda slippers out there just for you.

Where To Buy Cool Slippers

You can find cool slippers in most stores and for sale by most online retailers these days. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Our recommendation is that you checkout Amazon first – they have the biggest range on offer and probably also have the most competitive prices.

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