Turning Up The Heat, The Benefits Of Heated Slippers

Turning Up The Heat, The Benefits Of Heated Slippers

When the temperature drops, so does the temperature in our hands and feet. This heightened cold state can put pressure on existing issues, such as prior injuries and illnesses like arthritis.

This can cause unwanted and unnecessary pain and while some people will take medication for this, and others will put on a hundred layers of socks, the wise and knowledgeable amongst us will be prepared with heated slippers.

Coming in an array of styles, most all heat slippers are microwavable, letting you get nice and warm quickly and easily.

The Science Behind It All

A study headed by Dr. Anne Wirz-Justice demonstrated that thermoregulation, the body's heat distribution process, is linked to sleep cycles. Redistributing body heat to the feet can increase sleepiness and help initiate a more restful night's sleep.

Couple Feet In Bed

The Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland has had research team study dilation of the blood to feet. Researchers found that this dilation is the most effective predictor of rapid sleep onset. This showed that people were unable to sleep due to pain of cold feet.

Heated slippers generally use a form of grain to accumulate heat while being microwaved. The typical grains they use are buckwheat and flax seed. To further enhance the experience, some heated slippers use certain herbs or essential to provide an aromatic experience.

Typically, the grain pack or slipper is put into the microwave and heated for the required amount of time. Once heated it is slipped into the sleep to help your feet keep warm and relax.

Although some manufacturers will claim otherwise, most slippers can retain their heat for between one and two hours.

Advantages Of Wool Felt Slippers

The utilization of heat through your slippers is of substantial benefit. It increases the absorption of moisturizer applied to the skin application of heat through your slippers is extremely beneficial in increasing the absorption of moisturizer applied to the skin.

Essential oils mentioned above that are used in aromatherapy can be added to your moisturizer to aid in healing and provide relief from sore aching feet when used in conjunction with heat slippers.

Walking In Heated Slippers

The heat from the heated slipper will help the oil vapors enter the limbic system faster and transfer it into the blood. Aromatherapy benefits the entire body not only the feet.

The increased blood circulation and warmth provided by heated slippers can help improve pain from a number of ailments. These ailments include:

  • Poor peripheral circulation, chronic cold feet
  • Foot inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis. The heat soothes the affected areas on the feet, decreasing the pain.
  • Tired feet and aches and pains
  • Insomnia and stress

Heated slippers can improve cold feet caused by a range of different illnesses, such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and other peripheral neuropathies.

Heated slippers are generally machine washable if the heated grain pack is removed.

Disadvantages Of Heated Slippers

Unfortunately, heated slippers do have a couple of disadvantages.

Paying With Dollars

Firstly, there is their cost to consider. Due to their complexity when compared to normal slippers, heated slippers are significantly more expensive than most other types of slippers.

Unfortunately, most heated slippers are also not meant for walking around in. A few manufacturers say that you can do light walking, like from your couch to the kitchen, but most don’t recommend it due to the potential to break the grain packet.

Types Of Heater Slippers

There is a wide range of heated slippers. Some of these are full booty options, covering your feet up to the lower half of the leg.

Other options are slippers which end at the ankle, and the archetypical slipper, which covers the front of the foot and toes, leaving the heel fully exposed (we advise you wear socks with this one!).

Most slippers have a removable packet of grain that you can heat up and insert into the sole of the slipper. This makes it far more convenient to wash the slippers.

Heated Slipper Grain Packet

A few slippers have the grain packets sewn into the soles of the feet, and sometimes around the food area. This does provide more heat to the foot, but the slippers are significantly harder to wash.

Where Can You Buy Heated Slippers

If you’re looking to quickly get a pair of these to heat up your feet or those of a loved one, look no further than Amazon. There you’ll find an excellent range to choose from at some very affordable prices.

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