The Funny Slippers You Never Knew About

The Funny Slippers You Never Knew About

In this day and age, fashion is all about making a statement. It is a display of one's true self, a gateway to an authentic, bare-all expose of our true psyche.

For most of us, our inner self can be a bit of a nutter, and there is no better way to show our quirky side in the cold weather than to wear novelty, funny slippers.

The variety of funny slippers is endless. From risqué options we will refrain from mentioning, to every animal imaginable, the potential is as limitless as you are (well, as your ability to find them on google).

These funny slippers come at various prices. Some niche offerings, such as specific humorous characters (Looking at your Peter Griffin), are more costly than generic options, such as Bigfoot feet.

Bigfoot Feet Slippers

As for comfort, as most of these slippers are designed around their look, comfort is not their foremost priority. This being said, they are almost always fluffy ones with soft soles so there isn’t an awful amount of complaining to be done.

Funny slippers are also often designed with anti-slip heels which is a huge benefit when wearing them outside.

However, don’t expect these to last forever, they are generally designed more as an occasional gag than to be worn continuously.

We will be reviewing our three top ‘funny slippers’ to give you an idea of the inventiveness which is at your disposal.

Freudian Slippers

Just trust us. These are slippers, with Freud on them. These cozy, fuzzy Freud faced slippers will have your feet in therapy. These get top marks for originality, if you’re going to a slipper party you're almost guaranteed to be the only one wearing them in the room.

Wearing Freudian Slippers

They also make you look educated, and give you an excuse to humorously psychoanalyze people while wearing them (use this advantage carefully).

Green Elf Slippers

Have you been naughty or nice this year? These multipurpose slippers have endless possibilities, allowing you to extend Christmas gags from October (please don’t) through to February.

They can complete a costume (meaning you get to go out in slippers!) or stand on their own merit. Either way they’ll have people in hysterics.

Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

While giving you an excuse to raw while walking around the house, these grizzly bear slippers have the all American touch. They are perfect for grabbing people’s attention and are a warm cozy way to keep snug on a winter weekend.

Wearing Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers

These slippers are one of a range of potential paw slippers. This range could have you walking about as a pink dinosaur, a penguin, or anything in between.

Where To Buy Funny Slippers

If you’re thinking of expressing yourself with a pair of funny slippers for the amusement of those around you, it is probably a good idea to google what you are after first, then check out whether they’re available for sale on Amazon.



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