I’ve Never Felt This Way Before, A Look At Felt Slippers

I’ve Never Felt This Way Before, A Look At Felt Slippers

Felt slippers are a high end type of slipper that quickly convert non-slipper wearers into daily users. Felt wool has a variety of distinct, inherent benefits which provide intensive comfort and utility. On top of this, felt wool also has an array of health benefits.

With rubber soles, felt slippers can be worn both indoors and outdoors, making them handy for those who need to traverse between farm outhouse buildings and their main home.

The Creation Of Felt

Felt is created generally using one of two time-intensive processes.

In a nutshell, wet felting is the process of combining multiple layers of wool roving (and/or yarns) into flat section of felt fabric. This is done by repeatedly utilizing water at varying temperature to shrink the wool. This is considered the traditional, oldest felting method.

Felting Slippers

The other process is called Nuno felting. Nuno felting felts wool roving and/or yarns into another fabric.

Felt slippers can vary in appearance. The form of these slipper can vary significantly between those geared towards men and those designed for women.

Felt wool slippers can come in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Felt Moccasins
  • Felt Loafers
  • Felt Velcro Slippers
  • Felt Clogs
  • Felt Toastie Slippers
  • Felt ‘Albert’ Slippers

Advantages Of Wool Felt Slippers

Your feet are the foundation of your whole body, so they need to be looked after. Thankfully, wool felt slippers have a range of benefits which manage this.

Felt Slippers With Heart On Insole

Wool felt, much like sheepskin, is made to be worn during any season. Wool felt is naturally insulating, keeping your feet cool during the heat of summer, and warm during winter.

This ability is thanks to the felt’s fibers, which breath easily. Felt enhances comfort as it is incredibly soft.

More Advantages

The impact of wool felt on one’s feet is similar to acupuncture in that it stimulates blood circulation. Not only does this help to keep your feet warm, but is a massive benefit for the whole body!

Wool felt slippers improves the well-being of sensitive skin on the feet thanks to its soft, non-abrasive touch.

Wool felt slippers positively stimulate the neural system network thank to the improve blood flow.

Woman Walking In Felt Slippers

Wool felt is extremely breathable. Your feet sweat will absorb almost 7 times faster than it would through synthetic material. This breathability provides year round comfort.

Felt slippers and extremely light, weighing approximately 400g or slightly above.

Disadvantages Of Felt Slippers

Unfortunately, wool felt does have a few setbacks. The major one? Cost. Luxury always comes at a price, and sheepskin is no different. The labor intensive production process heightens the cost.

The other major problem is wash-ability. Felt is not generally meant to be machine washed, meaning they will need to be spot-treated, often with special sheepskin soap. Major stains may require dry cleaning.

Sheepskin Slippers For Men

The benefits of felt are clearly notable in felt slippers made for men. The soft sole protects the wearer from the hard floor whilst gently massaging the foot as you walk.

Man Wearing Red Felt Slippers

The rubber soles also allow you to go outside, so you can do the odd chore and not worry about changing shoes.

These slippers generally come in earthy tones which range from chestnut brown, to a dark oak and even lighter, pseudo-creams. However, as felt can be dyed, any combination is possible. We would however, advise one avoids the mistake of our forebears and avoids the 80s orange.

Felt Slippers For Women

The strengths felt has to offer are evident in felt slippers designed for women.

Much like the slippers designed for men, felt slippers are available in a range of colors. As felt can be dyed, women will be happy to know felt slippers are almost infinitely color customizable.

These sheepskin slippers also are more likely to have designs at the hem, such as koru patterns.

Women Purple Felt Slippers

They are generally fastened simply by slip on.

The internal felt lining is always soft on the skin. Its natural breathability and health benefits have allowed for a luxurious cold weather option suited for inside and outside use.

Where Can I Buy Felt Slippers

The answer to this question is almost anywhere. Our recommendation is that you go to Amazon first though. This online giant of a retailer has a great variety for you to choose from, and generally prices it’s felt slippers very competitively.

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