The Adorable Cat Slippers Revolution

The Adorable Cat Slippers Revolution

From their revered status in ancient Egyptian culture through to their loved position as household pets today, we humans have always been enamored with the sassy personalities and sleek coats of cats. No wonder cat slippers were invented!

Unfortunately, for a time, cats and their related products lost their status as dogs became renowned for being “man’s best friend”.

Wearing Kawaii Kitten Slippers

Recently, however, cats have seen a resurgence with the rise of the internet and meme culture. This growing obsession has given rise to numerous cat related paraphernalia, including an ever increasing number of cut cat slipper!

Before the question is asked, no, genuine cat fur is not used and no cats have been hurt in the design or manufacture of these slippers.

As novelty slippers, cat slippers are not necessarily designed for luxury. That is not to say they are not comfortable, they are designed after a fluffy animal which languishes in the sun, of course they are comfortable.

They are, however, generally made of cheaper synthetic material than other options. Fleece is a common product, as is false wool. Furthermore, this general compromise in material also means they are less durable.

Although they may last a few years, it is not advisable to wear them outside or on rough surfaces as they do tend to rip easily. Thankfully, they are relatively affordable to replace.

Woman Wearing Cat Slippers

These novelty slippers come in a variety of sizes to suit both men and women.

As I am sure you are aware, people don’t set out to buy cat slippers solely for comfort, they are in it for the aesthetic.

Cat Slippers Do Not Disappoint

For almost as many breeds as there are of cat, there is a slipper to compliment it. From your game cat variety of lion and tiger cat slippers, to you every day housecat (just don’t let them know we called them an everyday housecat), there is a slipper to meet your requirements.

The approach to these cats also varies. Some slippers maintain their general slipper shape, and place cat pattern, typically the face, onto the slipper itself.

Other slippers have a cat head shaped bauble on the front of the slipper, often with irresistibly cute whiskers and a car’s signature smile.

Grumpy Cat Slippers

The third type of cat slippers forms a cat around the slipper itself. This type engulfs the slipper in the form of a cat, allowing the external surface of the slipper to be the cat’s fur and face.

The final aesthetic is a niche within this novelty category, cat personalities. There are numerous cat slippers, generally following the look of the slipper above. These are extremely fun, having been designed to look like famous cats, such as Garfield, the internet personality ‘grumpy cat’, and Pusheen the cat of meme fame.

Where To Buy Cat slippers

Interested in adorning your feet with a pair of cute cat slippers? Amazon has a huge variety of the above slipper types at affordable prices, check it out today.



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