ACORN Women’s Slippers Review

ACORN Women’s Slippers Review

Acorn Women's Oh Ewe II slippers have taken the world by storm and are one of the best sheepskin slippers for women available on the market today. Acorn prides themselves on fashioning durable sheepskin slippers that are cozy and are sure to bring a smile to anyone who suffers from cold feet in winter.

The upper lining of these particular sheepskin slippers is suede and even the cuff is genuine sheepskin. The elegance of the Oh Ewe II slippers will make you the envy of everyone who sees how much you are enjoying their warmth and comfort.

Sheepskin has been used to make winter slippers for a long time. The combination of warmth and superior comfort has won over the hearts of many slipper wearers everywhere.

Sheepskin is also hypoallergenic, meaning it contains less allergens than other materials.

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This is great for people with sensitive skin as sheepskin slippers are less likely to cause any adverse allergic reactions compared with other materials.

What's more, sheepskin has soothing qualities on your bare skin due to the presence of lanolin in the wool. With all these benefits of wearing sheepskin slippers, you'll begin to wonder why you have been wearing anything else.

What We Like About Acorn Women’s Oh Ewe II Slipper

Superior Comfort

The genuine sheepskin lining has led to many satisfied reviewers everywhere. Soft and comfortable against the feet, the large amounts of padding are a brilliant way to help you unwind. Acorn shoes come with a variety of soles and this sheepskin slipper contains their Cloud Cushion foot bed.

The multilayer Cloud Cushion provides comfort and cradles your feet. They give you a spring in your step, and the reviews have it that the combination of the cushioning and sheepskin interior gives you the feeling of walking on air.

With full support at the heel, Acorn's slippers don't slide of your feet unlike others. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your feet won't slip out as you walk about the house. 

As with all shoes made of suede, these sheepskin slippers may feel a bit too tight or snug at first. But give them a few days and once you break into them, you'll understand why reviews are so hyped about them.

Amazing warmth

Sheepskin slippers excel at trapping the heat from your feet and keep them toasty in winter. Reviews of the warmth of Acorn’s sheepskin slippers are glowing. Cozy and very snuggly, you can wear them without socks and your feet will still remain super warm. The sheepskin lining is breathable, so your feet stay warm without sweating or feeling clammy.

This also means that it is possible to wear your sheepskin slippers in the summer without your feet getting too hot.

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Durable sole

The rubber sole provides the Acorn sheepskin slipper with a durable sole, allowing many happy reviewers to see many seasons of use. The sole is hard enough to provide enough support when walking without feeling too bulky. They are brilliant for making the quick dash to the mailbox and back.

The hard sole allows you to walk faster and talk longer strides rather than shuffling along and having to push harder off the surface of the ground. This is also less damaging to your feet. Skid-resistant and weatherproof, these slippers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Walking across the patio after it has rained is no longer as hazardous as it used to be.

The contoured foot bed and slight heel on these sheepskin slippers allow you to wear them for extended periods of time without feeling pain or discomfort.

Easy to clean

Got a bit of dirt on your favorite Acorn sheepskin slippers? No problem.

The manufacturer’s suggestion is to just give them a wipe with a damp cloth and leave the slippers out to air dry. Some reviewers have put their slippers into the washing machine on delicate cycle and then let them air dry in warm weather. This may take a few days for them to properly dry out but the Acorn slippers still come out great.

What We Don’t Like About Acorn Women’s Oh Ewe II Slipper

Unfortunately, nothing in the world is perfect, but Acorn’s slippers are pretty close to it. The problem with these slippers is that they’re not waterproof. So yes, you can wear them outdoors. But if it’s raining heavily or if there is snow outside, watch out. 

The water will seep into your sheepskin slippers and you’ll have to slosh around in freezing, wet slippers until you can get back home and change. On top of that, if your sheepskin slippers don’t air out properly, they may even begin to smell.

The good news is that you can purchase waterproofing products which you can apply to your slippers. These will seal up any gaps and repel as much water as they can, keeping your feet dry in the rain.

Buying Advice

Priced between around $50 to $100, many reviewers say you won’t regret purchasing the Acorn Women’s Oh Ewe II slipper. The superior amounts of warmth and care for your comfort are worth investing every penny in.

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Cheaper sheepskin slippers can be found which may also potentially provide as much warmth but none will be as durable and long lasting as the Acorn slipper

Amazon has sold these slippers at a reasonable price for a long time and is probably your best bet for a quick and seamless transaction.


Comfortable and versatile, Acorn women’s Oh Ewe II slippers are bound to please everyone who tries them on. Acorn really put their best effort into designing these slippers to ensure the greatest amount of satisfaction for users.

With their extended warmth and comfort, after your first pair wears out, you’ll be back to buy another.

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